Faustian bargain and the democratisation of evil Robots, more conscious than humans, and humans less emotional than machines are the characters of this daring interpretation of FAUST. Set in the foreseeable future and based on texts by Emil Cioran, Bertrand Russell, Christopher Marlowe, Bill Joy, Werener Heisenberg and Haris Pašović, this FAUST moves the boundaries of theatre and contemplates an unprecedented moment in human history in which we get next to the creation of a new species.

Haris Pašović, once again directs a provocative and controversial theatre. An international cast of actor-s and musicians plays this visually striking production which synthesizes drama, contemporary dance, acrobatics and music into a unique artistic journey. A drama of thoughts and words, sanctity of silence, subtlety of movement an mystical sound comes together in a moving tale of the ethical machines and humanity that loses itself. Intimate, political and metaphysical, FAUST is a cutting edge theatre, touching and entertaining at the same time. Fully aware of the prejudices about the Balkans, they courageously tell a story about artificial intelligence, politics and greed for knowledge, power and money. Moreover,, they claim to set new standards in theatrical art today.

Having survived the worst atrocities in Europe after the Second World War, the artists who created FAUST tackle some of the most important issues today’s world through this disturbing, yet a story still filled with some hope. Equally devoted to their development as artists as well as human beings, they speak with authority, experience, intuition and exciting skills. FAUST is an exuberant, innovative, sophisticated and brave theatre.