A Century of Peace After The Century of Wars

East West Center Sarajevo is producing a multimedia peace spectacle “The Century of Peace after the Century of Wars” that will take place on June 28th 2014 and commemorate the beginning of the First World War at the Sarajevo assassination spot.

Through live music, theatre, dance, live music, video, architecture and visual arts, this show will tell the story of the Horror of War and Necessity of Peace, Creativity and Collaboration as a condition of survival and prosperity of the world. “The Century of Peace after the Century of Wars” is not a political peace and it transcends the questions of the causes and how to blame for the First World War. It shows that a war is horrendous and unacceptable. It calls for human sobriety that can build a dignified future for all people.

It calls for a promise of the future that will tell that 16 million people who died in the First World War and 161 million people who a war is not a road to future.

The international cast of 280 plus performers – actors, dancers, singers, musicians, visual artists and 220 plus crew and production team will stage an outdoor show at the exact point where the Sarajevo Assassination happened on June 28th, 1914. Hundred years later, Sarajevo sends to the world a message of peace from the very same place.


More than 600 participants have taken a part in this complex project that demanded a high level of creativity and compatibility. A team of fantastic young BH directors assisted director Haris Pasovic: Damir Mujagic, Zulfikar Filandra, Irfan Avdic, Emir Zumbul Kapetanovic and Alen Simic.


Senada Kreso, translated majority of the text materials during the preparation period for this project in the past 12 months. Translators and lingual consultants helped hugely: Elma Idrizovic, Amina Siljak Jesenkovic and Adijata Sabic. Haris Pasovic and Zulfikar Filandra translated some parts of the script as well.

Visual Artists

Set design: Lada Maglajlic and Vedad Orahovac. Lighting design: Barbara Mugnai (Italy); Costume design: Vanja Ciraj and Irma Saje; Masks: Arnea Haseljic and Darko Sobot; Hairstyle: Elvir Bajric; Make up: Maja Koristovic-Talovic; Video design: Goran Loncarevic Goc; Graphic design: Anur Hadziomerspahic and Ilvana Halamukic.


Opera Choir of the National Theatre Sarajevo; Cuban Cossack Choir, one of the legendary Russian choirs performed exclusively for the first time in BiH; Klapa Cambi, one the best Dalmatian choirs performed famous traditional songs of Himzo Polovina and Giboni.


Besides legendary Dino Merlin and Saban Saulic, a number of fantastic musicians played in this event: Dino Sukalo lead an extraordinary music orchestra that consisted of: Amar Cesljar, Mahor Sarihodzic, Moamer Djozo and Adis Sirbubalo. Saban Saulic’s music orchestra was lead by Milos Mijatovic, one of the best accordion players in the region. Solo parts were sang by Eldin Huseinbegovic, a rising local star and Nicola Simeha, French opera soloist. Camil Metiljevic played the traditional music instrument Saz, and the wind quartet consisted of: Ivan Scetinski, Vanja Rupar, Admir Vraco and Marin Gradac. Selection of the songs from BiH, Serbia, Turkey, Germany and France were made by Haris Pasovic. Music for the show was composed by Dino Sukalo and Danijel Zontar.


Alma Prica, famous Croatian and European actress and the lead actress of the National Theatre of Croatia; Selma Ergec, turkish acting superstar; Aissa Maiga, prominent french actress and the young generation of actors and actresses from Novi Sad, Serbia and Sarajevo, BiH: Uroš Mladenović, Vladimir Maksimović, Aleksandra Pejić, Kristina Jevtović, Una Đelosavljević, Rijad Gvozden, Aleksandra Belošević, Nikolina Spasić, Davor Golubović, Uglješa Spasojević, Milan Novaković,Tatjana Mateša.

Performers and Dancers

Thomas Steyaert (Belgium) and  Larisa Navojec (Croatia) performed solo parts; Ballet ensemble of National Theatre of Croatia, Ballet ensemble of National Theatre Sarajevo and Dance Centre Tala Zagreb constituted the dancing ensemble of the show choreographed by Tamara Curic, one of the leading Croatian choreographers.

Elementary school pupils and parents

The youngest members of the cast were Elementary school pupils and their caring parents that rehearsed with great enthusiasm and discipline 2 weeks prior to the show. They were lead by Mirela Jusic, and choreographed by Tamara Curic and Jovana Milosavljevic, assistant choreographer.


More than 200 costumes were designed by Irma Saje and Vanja Ciraj. All costumes were produced in local companies and overseen, prepared and taken care of by Lidija Indjic Kenovic, Edina Bahtanovic and their teams.

Production Team

Ismar Hadziabdic, executive producer; Lejla Abazovic, project manager. The production team also consisted of: Almir Teskeredzic, logistic and accommodation; Kerim Masovic, assistant producer,Haris Silajdzic, organization and Asja Krsmanovic, PR and protocol.

Technical Set up

Huge technical teams of experts were lead by Marciano Rizzo, technical director and Gianluca Tomassela, technical stage manager. They are considered as one of the best technical directors in Europe with experience in leading number of huge scale events. The project was technically supported by teams from Slovenia (lights and sound); Croatia (video) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (stage, trussing, power). Sound was operated by Miha Arnus and his team; Uros Faganjel and Baraba Mugnai, lights; Stage was hand made crafted by the team of an exceptional engineer from Maglaj, Ahmet Mulalic and assisted by East West chief stage technician Emin Bahtanovic and his team: Fehim Imamovic, Admir Rondic, Senad Zornic, Adnan Uzunovic, Berard Muratovic, Vezir Babajic, Mirsad Bahtanovic, Almir Musinovic and Nenad Cvjetkovic.

More than 10000 local and international spectators (both male and female) followed the show from both sides of the river Miljacka. The show was broadcasted live on local TV station NTV Hayat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sngXTLgNNXk), but also on TV Vojvodina in Serbia. Associated Press France, one of the world’s leading media agencies also broadcasted this event and distributed it in a number of different countries. 40 countries took the news feed provided by Associated Press.

The preshow and the post show media coverage was exceptional.  Media partners of the project were Dnevni avaz, NTV Hayat, TV Pink, Radio Sarajevo and Radio Stari Grad. Reuters and AP reported live from the event, but also national televisions of China and Japan, BBC radio, American radio NPR. The information about the project has been distributed by our partner Ja BiH u EU to 974 email addresses of elementary schools, high schools and universities. We have also sent by post a hard copy of the brochure, poster and the DVD of the show to all relevant cultural institutions both in Federation BiH and RS.

June 28, 2014

11:45 PM

The Latin Bridge

This project is funded by: European Union