Pre-premiere- January 4.2018. – Ujvideki Szinhaz Novi Sad

 Co-production: Otelotvorenje Novi Sad i East West Centar Sarajevo


 Opening: February 12.2018. – Ujvideki Szinhaz Novi Sad

                   March 3.2018. – Sarajevo National Theatre                                                                                    

                    March 4.2018. – Bosnian National Theatre Zenica


An Offer One Can’t Refuse is contemporary show and it’s happening in every country.

The World is changing really quickly, young people in this show are caught in a vortex of corruption, manipulation and struggle for survival. Their life stories are individual destinies and they are in need for love.

An Offer One Can’t Refuse is thriller, very rare theatre genre. The story is contemporary and tough, it’s about where the line is crossed in the World ruled by corruption, manipulation and crime.

Lack of love, erotica and fight for survival force people to make fatal choices. The story takes place in a small border town in Serbia. Prostitute called Mila Pavlović arrives into town on a train, in that train she becomes a witness of murder of an immigrant. The killer has powerful protectors, they start to persecute Mila in hope to hush up the crime.





Mila Pavlović- Mina Pavlica

Strahinja Lukić- Miloš Lazić

Vladimir Lukić- Dušan Vukašinovič / Peđa Marjanović

Policajac-  Peđa Marjanović / Dušan Vukašinović

Migrant – Vukašin Ranđelović



Author: Miljan Mandić

Director: Haris Pašović and ensemble

Light Design: Branislav Milinković and Nikola Marinkov

Sound Design: Rastko Ilić

Set Design and Costumes: Mija Ivanović and Luna Šalamon

Photography: Sara Apostolović

Technical Director: Atila Rapoti

Project Manager: Lejla Abazović-Muratović

Production Assistant: Eldar Omerbegović

Executive Producer: Ismar Hadžiabdić

Producer: Haris Pašović, Miloš Lazić