The everyday dynamics of Sarajevo sometimes looks chaotic, sometimes dramatic, and, at times, illuminating. The never-ending streams of daily life, politics, culture, different religions and atheism, sports and of the death that is so ubiquitous in the cemeteries merged, in the city landscape, with its neighbourhoods. When it celebrates life, or when lethal wounds are inflicted on it, Sarajevo pulsates, under its dynamic surface, in the rhythm of „Bolero“. This was the reason why the two of us, Tamara Curić and myself, have decided to make a dance reflection in which Sarajevo, “Bolero” and the reminiscences on Maurice Béjart are in interaction. The flux of Sarajevo, Ravel’s music and Béjartesque swinging bodies make a strange rhyme. Darkness and light breathe harmoniously. Sadness fades into melancholy, then into brightness, cheerfulness, only to eventually turn into the grace. Weakness discreetly slides into strength. The One becomes a Multitude.

Dancers from Zagreb, who collaborate regularly with the TALA Dance Centre, the actors of the East West Theatre Company from Sarajevo, and the members of the Sarajevo National Theatre’s Ballet Company have joined into this grand undertaking in order to conquer a mere moment; the moment which – for a moment – seems as if it belongs to something very long, something that – in the absence of better word – we call eternity.

Haris Pašović