Opening:  January 12.2018. – National Theatre Sarajevo

Production: East West Center


Cat Vova and Cat Ćiro is a story about rich and spoiled angora cat Vova and homeless cat Ćiro. After all of their quarrels,  despite their differences, they become best friends.

This story is important because our children are growing up in society surrounded by social class differences, this story carries important message, despite our differences nothing should affect friendships.  We all have something to complement one another. Also we are raising awareness to stop the prejudice – race/nationality.

Sadly society is teaching our children to build walls around people who are different. Theatre is powerful platform for raising awareness to stop the prejudice,  especially when it comes to children;

We have to teach them that we all matter, despite our social and racial differences.

Cat Vova admits he feels ashamed because he felt he was better than homeless cat Ćiro.

The show is educational, playful, very imaginative and it’s in the form of musical. Through dancing and interacting with children we bring two worlds together.



Director: Elma Islamović

Costume Design: Irma Saje and Vanja Ciraj

Set Design: Vedad Orahovac

Composers: Haris Saračević and Ensar Bistrivoda

Choreography: Emir Fejzić

Light Design: Amer Šaković

Sound Design: Haris Saračević

Chief Stage Techician: Emin Bahtanović

Director’s Assistant: Eldar Omerbegović

Light Technician: Harun Helvida

Stage Technicians:  Mirsad Bahtanović, Alen Šahović

Wardrobe: Lidija Kenović


Production Assistant: Eldar Omerbegović

Project Manager: Lejla Abazović-Muratović

Executive Producer: Ismar Hadžiabdić

Producer: Haris Pašović