Nigel Williams is a British playwright, novelist and screenwriter. He wrote Class Enemy in 1978. His other plays include Harry and Me, The Last Romance, and Lord of the Flies (adaptation). Among his novels are The Wimbledon Trilogy, Stalking Fiona and Fortysomething. For his first novel My Life Closed Twice won the 1974 Somerset Maugham Award. He is a two-time BAFTA winner, for his screen adaptation Skallagrigg and the script for The Storyteller: Greek myths. He won the International Emmy Award for his script Dirty Tricks and was nominated for the 2005 Emmy Award for his script Elizabeth I, a widely acclaimed TV drama featuring Helen Mirren in the title role.

Senada Kreso translates plays, novels and essays. Her works include the translations of Susan Sontag, William Shakespeare, Paul Auster, Tariq Ali and many others. She is a member of the PEN Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina.