“Hamlet by Haris Pasovic is one of the largest co-productions the Balkans have seen for 20 years.” – The Guardian
“Visually striking with colourful costumes and mystical music performed live on stage.” -Reuters
“Standing ovations for masterful directing” — Gloria, Serbia

Some of the finest artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia together with their fellow artists from France and Spain and director Haris Pasovic have produced a HAMLET that is relevant for the world at the beginning of the 21st century. It is the one of the largest cultural co-productions in the region in the last 20 years.

Our production of HAMLET is situated in Topkapi, Ottoman sultan’s court in Istanbul. It grants to our concept an exceptional freshness and up-to-datedness, and in the same time very theatrical in its oriental colors, lights, sounds and dynamics. Yet, it is the world filled with mysticism and danger. The story and the names are not changed, save the titles (sultan) and Turkey instead of Denmark and cultural references. HAMLET is universal, and could have happened at the Danish, Elizabethan, Ottoman or any other royal courts. We share the same problems and dilemmas.

HAMLET is an elegant, sophisticated and visually striking production. Hamlet is courageous, playful and seductive young man who faces the most important political, intimate and metaphysical choices in the dramatic and fast-moving world. Gertrude, valide sultan (queen), is the most powerful woman in the Ottoman Empire, gracious but passionate. Sultan Claudius (king) is handsome and perfidious, almost Hamlet’s age. r. Ophelia, a rebellious and erotic girl, is oppressed by her father. Horatio is sexy and smart and much more than mere shadow of Hamlet. A single actor plays both father and the son – Polonius, grand vizier, possessed by power and manipulation, and Laertes, mean and clumsy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are soft and unscrupulous guys who brutally betray their former friend. Perhaps for the first time ever, Fortinbras is a woman, a contemplative princess taking over the corrupt empire. The particular feature of the concept is the fact that a single actor plays the profoundly unhappy Ghost, mysterious Player and mind-blowing Grave-digger.

Visually striking show is accompanied by the orchestra playing live on stage music based on the classical Turkish themes.



Cast: Amar Selimović,Zana Marjanović,Frano Mašković,Amar Bukvić/Damir Markovina/Akira Hasegawa,Miodrag Krivokapić/Miroslav Fabri,Damjana Černe,Sabina Bambur,Slaven Knezović/Aldin Omerović,Jasenko Pašić/Armin Čatić.

  • Live music: Dino Šukalo,Amar Češljar,Atilla Aksoy,Melih Berse/Stephane Gallet,Enes Seferović,Teo Krilić,Mahir Bostandžija
  • Creative team:
  • Finances: Sanela Brčić
  • Production assistant: Sanita Ljajić
  • Executive producer: Irena Žic/Ismar Hadžiabdić
  • Amar Selimović: as Hamlet,the best young actor award at the 2005 International Theatre Festival MESS Sarajevo
  • Hamlet: Theatrical event of the year 2005-Magazin Dani-the most influential weekly in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Haris Pašović:  Person of the year 2005 – Magazin Dani
  • Haris Pašović: Man of the year 2005 – theatre – Max magazine

Festival and Venues

  • International Theatre Festival MESS 2005
  • International Theatre Festival Ex Ponto 2006
  • Baltic House, St. Petersburg 2007
  • European Theatre Zagreb 2006