Roses for Anne Teresa / Football Stories

“Special Award for Best Choreography”
International Theatre Festival MES Sarajevo 2011

The show is dedicated to Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, a choreographer and her master-piece “Rosas danst Rosas”

Haris Pašović considers “Rosas danst Rosas” as the most feminine piece of art he has ever seen. 28 years after its premiere, this master-piece of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, a legendary choreographer, gets a male response! Haris Pašović and Edward Clug, a choreographer, has joined the forces in this profound production about masculinity and dedicate a show to Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. They have chosen a small Balkan town to examine what is a man in the 21st century. In the heart of the macho-land – the Balkans, six men and a woman re-define male identity of the new age. 60 years of feminism have significantly improved the place of a woman in a society. Yet, in its just struggle, feminism has reduced a man to a violent alpha male or a feminine fragile gay. The fact is that in last half of century, men have also gone through the evolution unprecedented in history. We need a new definition of man, much more nuanced and with more sensitivity for male perception of the world.

A novel and brave, this production of “Roses for Anne Teresa – Football Stories” merges the unthinkable elements together in a perfect harmony: a vigorous contemporary dance and the Balkan pop-folk tunes. A superb international cast of five dancers, a female opera singer and a multi-instrumentalist musician playing live play this show masterfully. An underlining dialogue of this show with another contemporary dance production ‘”Rosas danst Rosas” adds a unique artistic and noble feature to this journey into the masculinity of our century.

Produced by East West Theatre Company in a coproduction with Bosnian National Theatre Zenica (

World premiere: 22 September 2011 at the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica


  • Author: Haris Pašović and Edward Clug
  • Choreography: Edward Clug
  • Musical director: Philip Tan


Aida Čorbadžić,Philip Tan,Thomas Steyaert,Ulisse Romano,Ibrahim Outtara,Aydar Valeev,Ayberk Esen

  • Producers: Haris Pašović,Hazim Begagić
  • Executive producer: Ismar Hadžiabdić
  • Costumes: Kao Pao Shu
  • Scene: Vedad Orahovac
  • Light design: Edward Clug,Haris Pašović
  • Sound design: Philip Tan,Enrico Fidone
  • Video art: Bojan Hadžihalilović,Antonio Ilić
  • Graphic design: Enes Huseinčehajić
  • Photographer: Johnny Alexandre Abbate
  • Guitar for the song ,,Popio sam ženino prstenje”: Damir Imamović
  • Intro on accordion for the song ,,Miljacka”: Željko Joksimović
  • Back vocal: Afan Smajlović
  • Stage manager: Bruno Lovrić
  • Sound engineer: Enrico Fidone
  • Light operator: Kenan Begagić
  • Chief Stage technician: Emin Bahtanović
  • Light technician: Elvis Ahmović,Samir Jašar
  • Wardrobe: Edina Bahtanović

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