The Society of Spectacle

The Society of Spectacle was awarded at The 30th International Theatre Festival Brcko 2013 for:

⎨The Best Director⎬
⎨The Best Young Actress⎬
⎨The Best Young Actor⎬
⎨The Best Music⎬

The Society of Spectacle

Who are we in a modern world? Guy Debord, a famous French political philosopher, described our world as a Society of Spectacle. He wrote that Spectacle is a social relation maintained by the images. Everything has to be a spectacle – from health to education, from politics to celebrity life, from arts to sports… It seems that you don’t exist if you are not a part of spectacle.

Haris Pašović created a play and show about the ordinary woman and man dealing with a pressure of the ever-growing society of spectacle. They two are two clowns dealing with the real world – unemployment, fear, desperation, but also humor – in their Beckett-like world. Haris Pašović directs this black comedy with humor, merciless irony but also with empathy and understanding of the seriousness of crisis.

The young actors Dzana Dzanic and Saša Handžić are enormously charming clowns struggling with the everyday life. They also sing live the sharp and witty songs by Serbian bend S.A.R.S., a leading bend in the Balkans. Tamara Curić, an acclaimed Croatian choreographer made them dance the clown dances in this joyful and dramatic piece.

Mujo,Suljo and Fata are the extrodinary anti-heroes in the Bosnian jokes.There are so many that can be considered as the oral literature.These characters are comparable in some way to Good Soldier Švejk or Don Quixote and Sancho Panza or Gargantua and Pantagruel.

Mujo and Fata in the ”Society of Spectacle” are young couple that experience all the problems of Bosnian reality.Funny and sad,yet always truthful,the Bosnian reality is always revealed before them and their audiance.Mujo and Fata,through their mutual dialogue,and through their dialogue with audiance,descend to the ”heart of darkness” – essential problems in the lives of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Excellent songs are performed between comic,and often black-humoured scenes.

The production includes a short,lyrical documentary film about the hard life of ordinary people in Bosnia and Herzegovina – workers,coal-miners,students,houswives and unemployed people.All of them are literally struggling for survival.

The video film featured in the show is based on the short story written by Guillaume Apollinaire, a famous French surrealist writer.

21 Dec 2012 Bosnian National Theatre Zenica – 7.30 pm
25 Dec 2012 National Theatre Sarajevo – 7 pm & 9 pm


  • Actors: Saša Handžić Dženana Džanić Haris Dadžisejdić Ena Baždalić
  • Author and producer: Haris Pašović
  • Music: S.A.R.S.
  • Costumes: Vanja Ciraj,Irma Saje – OSHYOSH
  • Scene: Lada Maglajić
  • Choreography: Tama Curić
  • Producer assistent: Nermin Hamzagić
  • Light design: Haris Pašović
  • Sound design: Mario Romić
  • Video art: Goran Lončarević Goc and Source production
  • Graphic design: Enes Huseinčehajić
  • Stage manager: Borka Jokanović
  • Accompanist: Larisa Buro
  • Light operator: Kenan Begagić
  • Spotlight operators: Elvis Ahmović and Samir Jašar
  • Hair and make up: Emila Topalović
  • Production: East West Center  in co-production with National theater Zenica
  • Producers: Haris Pašović,Hazim Bahtanović
  • Executive producer: Ismar Hadžiabdić
  • East West Center Team
  • Chief Stage technician: Emin Bahtanović
  • Wardrobe: Edina Bahtanović
  • Program manager: Lejla Abazović
  • Finance: Sanela Brčić
  • Protocol: Lejla Abazović,Mia Vučković
  • Transport: Edin Elezović,Dario Ivanković
  • Maintenance:  Selveta Džindo