Class Enemy

“Pašović’s ‘Class Enemy’ is tour de force”-Jonathan Mills, director of Edinburgh International Festival on BBC “….Possibly the best play in a decade of my theatre reviewing…”-The Flying Inkpot, Singapore “Explosive kinetic energy”-The New York Times ✭✭✭✭✭

East West Orchestra

Sarajevo plays Hamlet at the beginning of the 21st century The first release of East West Orchestra joins the three acclaimed Bosnian musicians, Dino Šukalo (guitar, keyboards and programming), Attila Aksoy (bass guitar, baglama, cumbus, percussions) and

Football, Football

In a suburb of Naples, a group of young people plays football together every night. They dream about better (football) life. Some of them come from the immigrant families from all over the world, some are


Faustian bargain and the democratisation of evil Robots, more conscious than humans, and humans less emotional than machines are the characters of this daring interpretation of FAUST. Set in the foreseeable future and based on texts